Sort It’s Simple!

You will find below a translation of the list appearing in the last pages of the municipal calendarIt will guide you on how to dispose of different materials.

Cette page présente une traduction en anglais du tableau Trier, c’est simple! qu’on trouve dans la section Collectes du site Web, ainsi que dans le calendrier municipal.

In the yard

In the kitchen

In the garden shed or garage

  • Aerosols, paints, oils, solvents, pesticides, household cleaning products – Eco-centre
  • Gypsum board, melamine board, MDF, plywood, plastic-free wood – Eco-centre
  • Neon or compact fluorescent bulbs – Eco-centre
  • Tires (no rims) – Eco-centre

Following renovation work

In the bathroom

  • Hair, fur, nail clippings (human and animal) – Garbage
  • Cotton buds (cardboard-stemmed) Organic matter
  • Cotton buds (plastic-stemmed) – Garbage
  • Medications – Grocery store, Eco-centre
  • Sanitary napkins, tampons, adult diapers, wet wipes – Garbage

Elsewhere in and around the house