Snow Removal

See on this page the content of the leaflet distributed to homes and available at
A printed copy can be obtained at Town Hall, 1585 rue Montarville.

Don’t forget that it is prohibited to :

  • Shovel snow onto the side of the street or onto the sidewalks.
  • Deposit snow in a park, a public space or on a pedestrian path.
  • Obstruct fire hydrants, which must always remain clear within a radius of at least 1.5 m.
  • Hinder visibility for users of the road, especially at intersections or on the strip separating the street from a multifunctional path.
  • Clog up ditches, especially at the opening of a culvert.
Note that these prohibitions also apply to your private snow removal.

Help us help you !

  • Park your vehicle in your driveway as often as possible.
  • Put your garbage and recycling bins in your entrance near the street, not on the sidewalk or in the street.
  • Follow the rules when installing your temporary carport. Details at
  • Prune any of your trees, shrubs and hedges that are encroaching on the public roadway (sidewalk and streets) or obstructing signage.

You Notice a Danger or Hazard ?

Let us know !

Telephone: 450 645-2960

In the Case of Damage ?

If your property is damaged during snow removal operations, contact us at 450 645-2960 before April 15. Repair work will be done between May and June.

Snow removal Operations


Abrasives and melting agents are spread on public roads, in keeping with environmental standards.

Where and when?

  • On main arteries, in commercial and industrial areas and on steeper slopes and those presenting a greater risk from the onset of precipitation.
  • On other streets, sidewalks, multifunctional trails and close to schools, as needed.


The snow is pushed to each side of the public road to clear the roadway.

Where and when?

First on priority streets such as main arteries, entrances to town, the town center and steeper slopes, then all streets in the municipality, after an accumulation of more than 5 cm of snow.
On sidewalks and trails, after an accumulation of more than 2.5 cm.


Snow is blown onto public property and the edge of private property, when space permits. Otherwise, it is blown onto trucks and transported to a snow depot.

Where and when?

First on main arteries and collector roads with sidewalks, and around schools, when snow accumulation is more than 10 cm and when operations underway or future operations so allow.
On the rest of the road system, as needed. Blowing snow onto private property can damage some plants. Visit
to ensure your plants are protected.

To Optimize Operations

Night parking

From December 1st to April 1st, check whether or not vehicle parking in the street is allowed between 2 am and 7 am by calling :
  • Info-Stationnement-Hiver : 450 645-2925 daily (after 5 pm).
You must obey all parking signs (permanent or temporary) on your street.

Municipal parking lots

Municipal parking lots are at your disposal during snow removal periods, up to a maximum of 20 consecutive hours.


Any vehicle parked in the street during a prohibited period will be ticketed including the applicable fees and may be towed or moved at your expense. If this happens to you, communicate with the Police Department at 450 463-7011 to locate and recover your vehicle.